The blossoming Italian tech sector

You perhaps are aware of it for its amazing art history or yummy food, but nowadays Italy is emerging in its continent as one of the leaders of technical invention.

Extensively recognised on the international domain, one among the sectors where Italian tech companies stand out is that of automation. With robotics currently bringing notable transformation to fields such as manufacturing and transport, figures such as the Comau Chief Executive Officer are optimistic in their future perspective: by developing machines that are reliable enough to operate along humans, the more menial and repetitive tasks can be assigned to the robots, and the personnel can tend to operations that call for more creativity.

The industry in which Italy is persistently driving advancement is that of manufacturing. With the so called “packaging valley”, where numerous companies that focus on packing are headquartered, fresh techniques in relation to materials and processes are continually being established, producing a proper hub of innovation in one of the greatest applications of technology in Italy. Possibly being positioned so close to a couple of the oldest and most prestigious research institutes in the country, the field of manufacturing and packaging can offer a great deal of prospects for young specialists and bright minds that are motivated to make their country and their planet be a better place. From making use of sustainable resources, as materials or for energy, to creating manufacturing operations that significantly lower waste, this field which is frequently overlooked is no doubt essential for our industrial world, and very much thriving with Italian technological advancements.

Seeing as we grow to be progressively more dependent on instant connection to the internet, with essentially everybody possessing a smart-phone in their bag for any question they may have got at any time, it is evident how the industry of network developments has plenty of room to broaden and evolve, as it is not about to be obsolete anytime soon. The leaders of established companies who are involved in the technology infrastructure in Italy, for instance the Telecom Italia board, are aspiring towards building and experimenting with a new fifth era of connections, which would be delivering even faster and more secure internet, and will possibly be an integral factor in the growth of the Internet of Things.

Evaluating the startup scene in Italy, it comes at no surprise that one among the prospering domains is that of design, especially bearing in mind the established distinction of the nation in the artistic industry. With a newfound emphasis on avenues that are eco friendly, creatives like the 24Bottles cofounders have received the backing of countless celebrated fashion firms to join forces with them in the manufacture of reusable steel bottles with minimised carbon emissions. With startups in Italy showing how it can be possible to be successful and sustainable at the same time, it sets an optimistic outlook for the future innovations of our world.

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